In present IT world, if you look at any successful organization and we will likely discover data management technology powering every process in the organization. Data Management is no longer enough just to manage organization’s Data, there is growing need to unleash the full analytical potential.

Scloma’s Data Management Solution is designed and developed with IT and business collaboration in mind for the growing Demand and Cutting Edge Technology. Our solution is driven to transform the organization Big data in to big opportunity.

Areas We Focus On:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Visualization and Analytics
  • Data Quality
  • Data Preparation for Hadoop
  • Data Governance & MDM


  • Boost Productivity – Get more out of your existing resources and increase productivity
  • Share more of the workload – Data Visualization and Analytics interface will entrust data to business users, giving them more control so end users can get their hands on data
  • Data is ready for action – Tools we work with provide self-auditing that monitors processing and source data lineage, so the data is primed and prepared for next step
  • Gain more value from your big data – Our Data preparation for Hadoop solution ensures easy data load from relational data sources or SAS datasets to and from Hadoop. Integrated data will be ready for advanced analytics that gives more insight for data driven decision making
  • Stop problems that could plague your system – Our Data Governance solution will provide the ability to intercept issues often means the difference between business as usual and complete chaos
  • Achieve faster time to value – With our Data Management solution, you also can get it up running quickly for faster ROI. That’s because we lay the groundwork first, helping you build a solution that meets the customer needs